8 Ways to Survive Finals Week

November 30, 2017 Comments Off on 8 Ways to Survive Finals Week
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Alright well here we are, two weeks away from the most dreaded week of the semester…FINALS WEEK! It’s a very bitter sweet feeling knowing that the holiday break is here, yet you still have to cross the last load of final exams. Finals week can be hell for those who have to take all finals or it can be a breeze for those who are exempt from them. I like to consider myself a retired professional procrastinator. I mean being a super senior I’d like to think I finally got my shit together. It’s a very hectic week and it definitely can be overwhelming to the point where we might just accept defeat. In my experience of finals week, I’ve definitely identified everything that has worked for me and has helped me become successful.

Wait to celebrate after

For some reason around the holidays all the bars decide to put out the most persuasive deals that lure us all there. It is going to require a lot of self control for those who love to party during the week. Not only does going out take time out of our sleeping schedule, but the after math affects the next day, causes us to be sleepy and lazy which takes away from our study time. Even if you were to study Its really hard to grasp the information you are covering. Work hard now and party harder later.

Make a study plan/schedule

Identify the material or final projects that require the most time of studying. Its important to space out your study sessions ahead of time so you know everything that must be done. Things don’t always go as planned but it’s nice to have a map to guide you in a certain direction. Schedules can be overwhelming sometimes but at least it allows you to view everything that must be done.

Maximize study time

Don’t waste time, and hit the books early. Some finals are trickier than others when they are comprehensive and contain material from the beginning of the semester. Its important to allow ourselves more time to study it all. Start as soon as possible and don’t waste time.


Its really important to get enough sleep every single night. My biggest sacrifice is to cut out all of my Netflix and Hulu binges for the time being. These are major components that make me lose sleep because I get so caught up. Most of these tips all tie in with each other. If you build a schedule to maximize your study time you wont have to stay up late.

Use different study methods

Make it fun, and switch it up. There are different ways to study that help retain the information. Making flash cards is one of my favorite ways to study. Building your own review can also help this may be time consuming but it really does help to condense your information from your slides or textbook. Quizlet is also a really good resource to review data. It allows you to build your own quizzes and flashcards that are easy to access on your phone through the app. It also allows you to use others that may have already been created. It’s easy to access on the go.

Don’t forget to eat

Yeah you may think this one is silly, but trust me it happens and we don’t even notice it. Even if you’re not super hungry its important to pack some snacks to keep the energy flowing. We push ourselves to study long days and nights and in order for that to happen we must take care of ourselves. I would recommend eating foods and snacks that may keep you full for awhile that way you don’t get to distracted. Maybe some in between snacks such as protein shakes or snack bars. Definitely try to avoid heavy foods because they tend to make you tired and sleepy and will definitely slow you down.

Take breaks

BREATH! The 30/10 rule is very effective its 30 minutes of studying and 10 minutes of a break time. Stretch out your body, maybe go for a short walk. Don’t over do it with the studying because after so long your brain stops retaining the information.

Stay active

Try to get in a work out in the mornings to start your day off with good energy or at night time. Working out definitely is a stress reliever and allows you to focus on something else.

Don’t let finals week get the best of you. I know that it can be very overwhelming and discouraging. If you could do it for a whole semester, this last stretch should be a piece of cake. It’s seriously a very satisfying feeling knowing that you got through the semester strong. Have fun with it, and of course allow yourself some “me” time throughout this whole process. School is very rewarding and an amazing opportunity that we must take advantage of. I hope that some of these work for ya’ll and help throughout this intense time. Good luck, and hope you all kick some finals ass and achieve some bomb grades.



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