First ACL Festival Experience!

October 19, 2017 Comments Off on First ACL Festival Experience!
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Okay so let me just start off by saying that I’ve never been to a festival before. Yeah I know I’m lame. But considering this is my last year living in San Marcos I figured it would be the perfect opportunity. I literally decided to go two days before Weekend Two started. One of my friends from Dallas was driving down and she pretty much convinced me to go.

My first thought was, “what the heck do people wear to festivals”? I literally was on Pinterest and Instagram looking up what people had worn to weekend one. I honestly didn’t want to spend a lot of money on new outfits because I wanted to save my money for the actual festival.

For my day 1 outfit, I wore Levi’s jean short paired with a cute white bodysuit from Forever 21 and some platform sneakers from H&M that were on sale for $10 bucks and the cutest belt that I actually got on my trip from Mexico over the summer. The yellow sunglasses I already had and are from H&M as well. It was more of a casual outfit I wanted to dress comfy considering it was the first day and I didn’t know what to expect.

For my day 2 outfit I wanted to do a little more festival like outfit. The only piece I didn’t already have was the fringe belt that I bought from Forever 21. I paired it with a flare sleve crop top that i wore with a bralete under. And i thought the combat boots and black hat tied it all together. I was definately feeling myself, and got so many compliments on my outfit that day.

I’m not going to lie a lot of the people on the line up were artist that I wasn’t familiar with. So I was a little nervous about the whole experience. Anyways, Friday came around and we brunched of course, had to start the day off right with some mimosas! Let’s just say 5 bottle of champagne later and I was feeling nice. (There was like 9 people at brunch). Because we decided to go so last minute we had to purchase our wristbands outside of the park. I was so nervous just because I figured people were going to be charging a ridiculous amount or there weren’t going to be any left. Luckily we found a nice lady who was selling staff bands for about $50 cheaper than face value for the 3-day pass. Let just say we got lucky AF.

It was so hot out so by the time we made it in I felt my face melting off. The set up was huge there were stages on each side of the park. So many food places had stands that unfortunately I wasn’t able to try just because we didn’t make the time for it, and we were so worried about watching the performers. But I know for a fact that I will be returning to ACL in the near future. It was an unbelievable experience. If your ever in the ATX area during ACL I highly recommend to attend.

Bueno voy a empezar con decir que nunca e ido a un festival. Ya se lo que estas pensando que loser! Considerando que es el ultimo año que estare viviendo aqui en San Marcos pense que seria la oportunidad perfecta. Literal decidi asistir dos dias antes de que empezara. Una amiga que vive en Dallas iba a ir y me invito y la verdad no tomo mucho para convencerme.

Lo primero que se vino a la mente fue que diablos me iba a poner. Imediatamente me meti a Pinterest y Instagram a buscar que es lo que la gente usa para estas ocasiones. La verdad no queria comprar un outfit nuevo.

Para el primer dia, me puse unos shorts Levi con una blusa blanca que encontre en Forever 21 y unos sneakers de H&M. El cinto que compre fue mi pieza favorita de ese look que compre en mi viaje a Mexico. Para darle uno toque mas divertido use unos lentes amarillos, que me encantan. Quize ponerme algo mas casual y comodo el primer dia por que la verdad no sabia que esperar. Para mi vesturio el Segundo dia queria ponerme algo que se miraba mas de festival. Creo el cinto completo el look que queria. La crop blusa y el bralete ya los tenia igual que mis botas estilo militar.

Bueno, el Viernes llego y nos fuimos a almorzar, teniamos que empezar el dia bien. Creo despues de unas mimosas me sentia muy alegre y lista de llegar al festival. Como decidimos asistir unos dias antes tuvimos que conseguir los boletos afuera del parque. Pense que alomejor los iban a estar vendiendo muy caros o alomejor ya ni iban a ver. Pero suerte encontramos a alguien que no los vendio $50 dolares mas baratos que el precio regular.Bueno no voy a mentir que muchos de los artistas que iban a estar no los conocia. Estaba un poco nerviosa de la experiencia completa. Disfrute los artistas que ya conocia y a los que no tambien.

El parque es enorme y los escenarios estaban todo alrededor. Habian mucho restaurantes locales que tenian sus propios puestos y estaban vendiendo comida que se miraba super rica, pero con mi mala suerte no pude probar nada. Pero se que esta no va ser la ultima vez que vaya. Quiero regresar un poco mas preparada para disfrutar el festival a lo maximo. Si por casualidad estan en la area de Austin, Texas recommiendo que atiendan.



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