What I plan to accomplish in the New Year

January 10, 2018 1 Comments
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Hello my Chic babes!

It’s the second week of the New Year, how it exciting huh? Its seriously so crazy how fast time flies,especially after high school. It’s that time of the year when everyone is setting their goals and expectations that they plan to accomplish in the New Year. Let’s just say that the gyms are overcrowded and personal trainers are working overtime right now. We reflect on the past year and look back on everything that was and wasn’t done. Whether they were positive or negative impacts, it’s important not to be hard on ourselves but to be thankful that by the grace of God we got through 2017. Its 2018 and time to enter the year full force! Its exciting to think about future plans/events that are coming up. Personally, I don’t think that resolutions are “cliché” but I do believe that we shouldn’t wait until this time of the year to make the change that we want.

This time around I’m trying to take my goals a level beyond the typical ones such as eating healthy, getting more sleep, going to the gym 3 times a week etc. Let’s be real, shit happens! Getting side track or discouraged is pretty common, but its important to stay strong throughout the whole year. For me this year is full of life changing events that I am super excited about and I cannot wait to experience.  I plan to take on whatever life throws at me with a positive outlook. Today I want to share some of my goals and how I plan to achieve them:

Graduation-First and fore most if all goes well, I will be walking the stage in May. Out of all my goals for 2018, this is truly one of the major events that is truly the foundation of all my 2018 plans I couldn’t be more thankful and humbled by the simple fact that my parents were willing to help me achieve this. Attending a University has truly been a blessing to me in the sense that I was forced to learn how to live on my own, manage my time and money (a nightmare, because I suck at budgeting but hey It’s fine, I’m fine.) I’m definitely going to go out less and focus 100% on my work. This semester i am setting myself up for success.It’s all fun and games until you show up to class hung over or not knowing you had a test that day, or even worse having to deal with BOTH! I want to get the best out of my last year, and of course I want to have fun and be successful at the same time. It’s all about balance and keeping my eye on the prize.

Self-love- Definitely something that I am constantly struggling with. I feel when I have too much going on at once it really puts a damper on myself, draining me out physically and emotionally. Overall, I am very positive person, but of course we all have those moments that really puts us down or makes us question our worth. I am determined to be more confident, and to not second guess myself as much. There are times that I allow others to influence my decisions, or myself question my judgment, but not this year! Loving yourself consists of selfishness, and I don’t mean this in a bitchy “you can’t sit with us” kind of way but more in the sense that sometimes one must think about what is best for you instead of what benefits others. I tend to put people before me whether its my family or friends and that sometimes sets me back from doing what is best for me. I know that this is something that is going to help me figure out the next steps that I must take to help guide me on route post college.

Save- I know that once I’m finished with school I’m going to be left with some student loans that will need to get paid. Although I have learned a thing or two about budgeting my money I am still human and an impulsive shopper that does not always have self control while in the store. I really want to help relief my parents from the extra bills that they had to take on in order for me to live comfortably while living away. I couldn’t be more thankful for them and for the help that they were able to grant me.

Travel- Being done with school and accomplishing the most life changing event of my whole life I definitely want to celebrate this with a couple vacations. Visiting new places and learning about other cultures makes me very happy and liberating. I can say that traveling allows me to be more open minded by learning about all the amazing places I’ve visited. I’m also a huge foodie and slight alcoholic(oops sorry mom and dad) that I love to try the different cuisines and happy beverages that each country has to offer. Of course, in order for this to happen i’ll definitely will be missing out on a lot of nights out at The Square  (bars in downtown San Marcos).

Grow my blog-As of now my blog is definitely helping me express myself creatively and it truly helps me in many aspects. It’s a way for me to express how I feel, share my interests and exciting things that are going on with my life that I know many can relate to. I want to connect with other bloggers and grow my audience. I want to take my blog to the next level and truly make an impact. I believe in myself and know that with time and hard work I can do it. Aside from graduating college, blogging is something that I am passionate about. In the beginning I was very skeptical about launching my blog because I was worried about what others would think and I think that getting over that fear was the best thing that has happened. Blogging has really increased my confidence, and I know that there will be negative and positive feedback which is normal, but all the positive comments and thoughts are what really make it all worth.

I’m not saying that any of these will be easy, but I do know that they will be worth it. I will be closing several chapters of my life and flipping the page to new ones. I am determined not just to go through the motions of things but actually experience them to the fullest. I know that with the support of my family and friends I will get through this year and it will be the best one yet. I would really love to hear some of y’alls resolutions and how y’all plan to accomplish them.




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    Kevin Yandelito Daddy Lopez JR

    January 10, 2018

    I just want to say I’m sorry it has taken this long for me to get 100% into your blog but nothing makes me happier than seeing you do what you love! I’m beyond proud of you and wish you nothing but happiness and success this upcoming year! We have a lot to look forward to and can’t wait to see what this year brings us! Love!!!! Kevin 😇



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